Living on Tempe Town Lake, Arizona

Living on Tempe Town lake, in the heart of downtown couldn’t be more exciting. 2.4 million people enjoy and spend time at the lake each year. With concerts, walks, races, festivals, there are over 40 special events happening around this vibrant attraction. Surrounding the lake are businesses that employ over 40,000 people and offer some of the finest foods and fun experiences.

Tempe Town Lake ranks in as the second most popular attraction in Arizona. The 2+ mile long lake is part of the salt river and acts as a continuous river with the dam being raised and lowered each year to let the water through. If you are looking to live on Tempe Town Lake you have found the right place. Laura Clounch with over 35+ years of expertise in the real estate industry has specialized in Bridgeview and Edgewater, which both overlook the lake. If you are looking for a condo for sale, make sure to reach out to her today and she will be happy to help.

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